Nikki & Anna
Deep in the the depths of heartbreak, I discovered 2 gems. I met Nikki and Anna at school. All working towards graduate degree's in fashion design, we possess similar philosophies on making things. Nikki is from Portland and Anna from Baltimore. They are fantastically talented and beautiful people. A few months into our friendship we embarked on a lengthy road trip from San Francisco, through Montana and across Idaho and Washington to Portland, Oregon. Upon reflection, the trip can be summed up as a gluttonous whirlwind of thrift-stores, drinking establishments, rivers, lakes, rapids, trees, trading posts, strip clubs, coffee, dancing and singing. Portland, which until this trip had reeked of bitter nostalgia, began to transform into a place of hope and new beginnings.

Celene & Mcnulty
I met Celene when i first moved to San Francisco via a random craigslist living situation. We initially bonded over; 1. similar upbringings in dingy surf towns, 2. independent pasts (and recently turned dependent presents) and, 3. a strong resentment of our 9-5 jobs. I left the home we shared for a medium-length stint in bed at my parents house/a heavily self-medicated trip to Berlin. Upon returning to the united states and eventually to San Francisco for a weekend, a spontaneous decision was made to move back, so Celene and i signed a lease and (after suffering in an alternate existence for quite some time), I returned to the city of my ultimate discontent to suffer deep inside the actual reality of my situation. Celene (perhaps against her will, but with no resentment), became (pardon the cliche) my shoulder to cry on. Recently, while sitting on our porch one ghetto Friday evening...we shared a chuckle in reflection of my condition during those, uh...several months. Our conversation quickly and naturally changed gears to something fantastically not serious, but it needs to be said (as loud as cyber space can scream it) that Celene saved my fucking life! I am forever indebted to her. Mcnulty (Celene's dog) is an eccentric little creature who came into my life 6 months ago. his neurosis includes; making gremlin noises, howling, not being able to rest without a pillow for his tiny head, possessing only 2 teeth and weighing 4 pounds. I love him dearly.

Leonard Raymond Bessemer
I met Leonard in Thailand...both of us confused children at the time; him with a dirty blond bowl-cut and me with a peace-turtle tattoo(which naturally and unfortunately continues to exist). When we returned to the US of A, he became my roommate. Leonard is a true individual...a refreshing breath of authenticity when everything in the world looks plastic. He is an escape from my sometimes lame reality. I believe Leonard and I are searching for something similar...some kind of harmony between two intangibles, a form which we haven't yet designed and a context which we can't properly describe. Har-har-har.

The Fam

They say you taught me how to talk, I bet you wish you'd taught me how to stop. You're far away now, wish I could take a walk with you someplace.
If I were a more talented writer, I could articulate the appreciation I have for my family with graceful words, but I'm not.
I love them very much.

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  1. How I got to this was by searching for 'sewn into submission', which is from an awesome song.

    Although your post is from two years ago, and I'm not going to click forward to see what happens next or if you even continued writing, I'm still going to say good luck and wish you love.